Everybody has in a house small outstanding jobs pending. Or some jobs for which you could use some help with.

Call JaaPrecies, who will help you with all your DIY work around the house:

• A broken bulb hanging forever which needs to be replaced

• Skirting-board to be consolidated

• Erecting or customizing an Ikea closet

• An old carpet to be replaced

• Walls to be refreshed

• An interior which deserves a complete 'make over'

• Painting outstanding

Jaap does it with care and precision. JaaPrecies!

Call or app 06 54690104 for precision work.

Eindlijk een lamp ipv dat peertje

Big, small handywork (DIY) ?

Jaap does it with care and precision

Ook klink vastzetten

JaaPrecies gives advice:


performs DIY:

• Maintenance, renovation, big and small repairs

• Painting and decoration outside and inside, wall paper

• Carpet, laminate flooring, tiles

• Hanging up and erecting jobs (curtains, luxaflex, Ikea)

• Electricity (lamps, socket, cables)

• Sanitary and plumbing work

• Gardening and garden lighting

• or simply bringing order or organizing an area

You have no idea where to start? JaaPrecies comes without obligations to advise you how to handle the work the best way. Together we come to the best solution for every project.

And maybe we come up with some new ideas!

Call or app 06 54690104 for precision work.

Green buzzy.

Good buzzy.

With sustainable material,

with the least waste possible.

Always available

also during week ends and evening’s.

Call or app 06 54690104

In the neighbourhood

In the centre of Eindhoven,

I’ll be there in no time.